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A Long Long Long time ago in a Galaxy nearby, in a little city called West Palm Beach in sunny South FLA; the original Cut It Up Def records was formed. All kidding aside, CIUD has been around for thirty plus years, releasing bad ass Bass Music every ten years or so. Recently we’ve been releasing some of our new singles along with music videos. We have also started producing music related documentary films such as the historical Miami Bass documentary entitled "The Bass That Ate Miami". Stick around and follow us through our journey as we will continue to release New Bass Music, Videos, and soon to come, Movies.



In 1987 Bob Smith, his son Mike and best friend Jose started Cut It Up Def Records/Jam On It Records/Mas-Jam Publishing. In the mid 80's to 90's South Florida's rap music was called Miami Bass; Miami Bass was the driving force of the night club scene, college parties and car system battles. Miami Bass music was produced with fast heavy beats, fast cutting and scratching and fast rapping. Most Miami Bass raps were about party life, whereas Northeast hip-hop was about street life and consciousness, West coast rap was more edgy with rap lyrics describing the gangster lifestyle; to many outside of South Florida Miami Bass was considered to be “corny rap.” 

The original artists signed to CIUD were teenagers who wanted to rap the more traditional “hip hop” style but being in South Florida bass music was all the labels wanted to hear. The initial start of CIUD lineup included the following artists, DJ's and producers: Aaron G. and Jonski (who later became Latin & Lethal), MC Gemini, T Boyz DL, DJ Jock D, Shaliq, Kidd Money and Splack Pack, Triggaman and DJ Jealous J, who became an award-winning producer under the moniker Jim Jonsin.  

In 1990, CIUD partnered with Pandisc Records and released "Miami Bass Jams" which was sold and distributed worldwide and became certified Gold. After the Miami Bass heyday, many of the artists and producers switched to other genres of music. Eventually, almost 30 years later, and with the blessing of Bob Smith, DJ Jock D (Chris Walton) relaunched CIUD to carry the torch to a new generation. Subsequently, Jock D linked back up with T Boyz D.L. (Alex J. Weir) to start operating the new iteration of Cut It Up Def. The label had to navigate the changes in the music business since it was now a digital world. In 2013, Alex J. Weir teamed up with Scott Libengood and R. Sosa, longtime music associates, to operate CIUD as well as with Weir's other labels 8th Wonder Recordings and Pokoloko Music Group. CIUD is currently releasing new Bass Music as well as designing the new DJ Culture clothing line.

Can you hear it.... The future of Boom is here……

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